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Phone Guest Book

USB with audio files and technician for setup and content retrieval included. 

Preloaded Voice Greeting - Included in the hire of the Equipment is having your personalised voice greeting preloaded into the Guest Book so it is heard by users prior to leaving a message. You will be provided the phone in your pre-wedding meeting unless requested otherwise and arranged with AVPartners/ or your wedding coordinator. 

Removal of Content - You agree not to attempt to remove content from the Guest Book.

Loss of Content - We take the greatest care in ensuring the safe transport of the Guest Book, the extraction of content, and the delivery of the content to you. In the unlikely event that content is lost or damaged for reasons not related to actions taken by you or your guests,  we will provide you with a full refund.

Content Quality – Audio messages are subject to external factors such as background noise, how close the microphone is held to the mouth of the user, and how the user speaks. 

Delivery of Content - You will receive your content within 2 business days of your event unless otherwise requested through AVPartners/ or your wedding coordinator. Ensure you have advised both parties of your departure date from the Island, so content can be delivered on time.

Our inventory is always changing and expanding. Please get in contact if there is something you cannot see on offer, we may be able to source it for you!

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